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D.N.Angel Awards [entries|friends|calendar]
D.N.Angel Icon Contest

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Week 43 * Winners [17 Sep 2007|03:43pm]


reach outCollapse )

Banner maker this week is kumikuri
Comment if you would like a banner and please provide a link to the image that was used on your icon in this post (unless your icon was for the image theme).
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Week 43 * Reminder [16 Sep 2007|05:28pm]

Just a reminder for those people that haven't voted yet. There are a couple of ties so, to get the winners up on time, please break them! There are a lot of members here that haven't voted so far so I encourage you to just take a few seconds and vote please~!

Go here.

Thank you~ 8DD!
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Week 43 * Voting [15 Sep 2007|12:46pm]

Ah, sorry for the delay~! Anyway, 6 lovely entries this week so thanks to everyone who submitted! Anyway, there will be no SC this week because only four people have entered an icon.

Anyway, please type out your 3 favorite icons in order of preference, as well as a Special Category. You may vote for yourself but only if you think your icon deserves it.

Please vote like this:
2, 4, 5

voting timeCollapse )

Voting ends Sunday, September 16.
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